Zee TV and Copyrights??

I am no fan of Indian TV channels. I seldom watch Zee TV, which my parents subscribe to on our Starhub Cable. But, I can’t help over-hear it while I am doing something else around the house.

For the last few months I have noticed, the amount of main-stream hindi movie music that is being used in soaps and other adverts on Zee TV. The reason I am ticked is, it’s mostly Rahman‘s tunes!

Now, I really really doubt that Zee TV has the rights for all those tunes. Heck, they are not just tunes, but whole tracks! I do remember Zee TV getting sued for copyright infringement when they made a series which was an exact copy of 24, in Hindi. It had some cheesy name with 9/11 in it somewhere.

I can never understand the love for copied ‘western‘ stuff that Indian massed have. Everything from music, movies to TV shows is copied and made into a hindi version.

Watch the original if you love it so much.

Wonder if they already have something for Lost or Desperate Housewives or CSI. Actually, I don’t want to know.


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  1. sweska on

    siti sabhitri bharatiya nari… sorry dude… i would love to see indian desperate housewives… it would make a good comedy no?!?!?!? :P

    i miss sony zee and star… and those brainless shows… back to RS decoding… so brain brain!!

  2. NTT on

    LOL. Is that how you say it in Bengali? Or is that Hindi? :$

    Anyway, Indian DH cannot lah. Cos the best part, the scandals, are too explicit for Indian TV. Unless they make it into some lame soap…

    And pls lah, zee and star for brainless TV… You should watch “American Dad” or “Father of the Pride”.. That’s good brainless TV…

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