Bageshree.. A review.

Always wanted to post this. But never got myself to post. Sigh..

I wanted to do a review for this album, but always felt that I needed more time with it. Today, I feel I have listened enough number of times to let it have its effect on me…

Deewana. Nice track, starts a little fast for the 1st track on an album, but i guess its just me. Has another version later that I personally prefer. Oh and its in Hindi.

O Meherebaan. One of the better tracks. Nice synth sitar, and base. Raag Jog shows very nicely in the aalaps. Has a nice beat to it as well, I think there some synth Tabla. I guess the sitar, jog and the aalaaps with the western packaging kinda make me like it. This is in Hindi as well

Yours Eternally. Another nice track, in English this time. Its raag based, but I cant seem to indetify the raag. Sounds a little a popish and little countrish. But has nice zhanj and tabla in the background. There are some good vocal in the background at the end. Interesting lyrics I must add.

Bhakti. This is one interesting track. Starts with some chanting in the background, and chruch organ and temple bells, and then OM!! Some lady’s speech in the background, and then leads into the main track. A lot of synth, with tabla, and vocals by Bageshree and some other guy. Nice sitar peice in the middle..sounds a little synth to me or probably FXed. Interesting lyrics.

Thinking of You. Starts with sitar again..which sounds the same as the other songs. Not very natural…but goes nicely with the rest. The song itself is ok.. lovely base in some places. There also a version in Hindi, which I prefer.

Mai Kya Janu. My favourite in the album. Its a cover of the really really old K.L.Sehgal classic. But this is so much better. Nicely pacakaged, and yet brings the old mood through. Love the taan she takes on 2nd ‘kya’. Sung really well. A tad too short for me.

Deewana (Ambient Mix). Another version of Deewana. Much nicer, although its the same. Starts softly and is more subtle over all. More Sitar peices here with some ‘kathak bols’..all nicely pacakaged.

Same Game, Different Guy. Very Popish song. Interesting lyrics, in English this time. Least impressive.

Ishq. This is the Hindi version of Thinking of You. Much better. Though its the same in the tune and packgaging, she sings this one better. Just the way she sings ‘Khabar’ is so much better. Noticed a lot of interesting layers in this one. Really nicely done..

My God. This is another wierd song. There is poetry by Bageshree, and a bhajan in Bairavi by her father and really nice Sitar. I am no poet, so I find the poetry annoying.. but the bhajan is amazing. Really brings out the Bairavi.. This is the 1st time in the album, where the Sitar sounds ‘normal’ and that too really well played.

Overall, this album is definately worth a look, especially if you are into newer type of musical. You need to approach it with an open mind, its different in many ways. But you’ll grow to like it. I did.. And I wait for Bageshree’s next album….


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