Language of colours..

Finally.. I shall soon be blue! And that too, without being green! But then, had I been green, I would have been pink by now. In that case though, I would be still orange (and blue), unlike the white (in blue) that I am right now!

So what will I be in the future? Orange (and blue) again? Or maybe red (and white). Possibly blue (and red)… Who knows?

Life is full of colours.. What are you??

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  1. Meeta on

    I would kindly like to request you to take this picture off your blog. You are using my picture without my knowledge. You have two days – till Tuesday 19th December 2006 – to remove this. If you do not I will report you and your blog to your blog provider.
    Thank you!

  2. NTT on

    Hi Meeta,

    I am really sorry for this. I always thought it was under creative commons license. But it is not. I must have been mistaken. I apologise for any ill effects of this.

    You do have some amazing photos in your flickr stream and the only reason why I used it was that it was the only photo out there which captured my thoughts and feelings into an image.

    Sorry once again.

  3. Meeta on


    Thank you! I normally would not have minded you using my picture if you had just asked or informed me prior to doing do! Normally people who are interested in my pictures write me an email to ask and also give me due credit. One other thing: Not many people realize this but hot-linking to photos is illegal.
    In the future if you do want to use any of my pictures please ask and once I have allowed you to I would also apprecite you giving me the credit for it.

    Once again thank you for reacting and being so understanding.

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