Blog traffic patterns…

WordPress has an interesting feature, which keeps the stats of all your blog visitors. While people use it for search engin optimisation and all, I am interested in what people search for when they end up on my blog….

Here are some interesting ones..

science of making tiramisu

Hmm.. it’s indeed a science….

wearing black at Indian weddings

Interestingly, many many people have searched along the same lines… For the record. It’s OK to wear black..!

how to go to Lonavala

Now, is it really that difficult?

robert heron headphones

Hehe.. Robert would love to see this… Hehe

i am bored give me something to do

I am very sure you are..

what is midi sound in techinically

In techinically.. it is actually not sound. I’ll leave the details to wikipedia…

how to hack an NTT router

I make routers??? I also didn’t know!.. Ohh.. you mean NTT DoCoMo.. :$


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