It is only when we no longer compulsively need someone, that we can have a real relationship with them

– Anthony Storr

I read this quote off a friends nick.. and then it struck me. I will never be able to have a real relationship with my blankie !! :'(


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  1. Sandy on

    I just cant get it right,life is getting the best of me. I just dont get it. Cant sleep at night,I have to take a pill.I fell stressed, I take plenty of natural pills. The best of all of this them is time. It has to pass any way. The thing is to make the best of it, AND TRY HARDER, WHAT CAN THEY DO?. That hasnt happen is so short, and now i want to do so many things the right way. Maybe i need a mushroom trip to focus.dont know if i can put up with it. been in my mind since the rainny season started.hope i dont walk my way to one, if so, it was meant to be. Sunny Puerto Rico.About a real whatever. who gives a shit!

  2. NTT on

    HUH??? :S

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