What should I buy??

Everyday I spend around 2.5 hours travelling to and from work. That’s a lot of time I consider wasted. I could be doing so many other things during that time, stuff in my ToDo list.. The bus is so noisy that I can’t even listen to my music in peace. So I am thinking of getting some stuff to make use of those 2.5 hours.

Shure e2cs

1.) Shure e2c. Noisy bus + Noise cancelling headphone = 1 hr of great music!!! Not a big fan of active noise cancelling stuff. Last time I tried it, it made me dizzy. So some nice in-ear headphones should do the trick. I went to try them out. Really sweet sound.

2.) Creative Zen V Plus. New media player form creative. Lovely form factor, not too big, not too thin either. Have to love the codec support from Creative. This one plays videos as well. The Zen V is S$20 cheaper but does not play videos. Your choice…

iriver Clix

3.) iriver Clix. Hands down best video player for its price and form factor. Just big enough to watch vidcasts, and its flash based. The nice thing abt this one is that the screen size is almost as much as the player size, unlike the iPods and the Zens. Exception is of course Zen Vision. But not that rich lah!

4.) Nintendo DS Lite. If I do get this, the doc will be happy! It’s a nice console. Great titles. Super Mario Bros, Electroplankton, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart DS and of course Nintendogs (I never got enough of Tamagochi!). The word is the it can link with the Wii as an extra controller!!

5.) Sony PSP. Have to love the screen size. And the fact that it doubles up as a media player. Oh and u can run linux on it!. But games line up is only OK. UMD is dead. And I am not a big fan of the mem-stick.

COMEX is on now. Maybe I’ll buy something soon!! Maybe not..:(


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