They come and they go…

This is the rule of life… Every single person who comes into your life, has to get out of it. If they come in… they have to go out. It’s the absolute truth. Just like math and boolean logic.

The only thing that can change is the amount of time a person stays in your life. One can only hope that this amount is forever. But, as is life, things change, people change.

It’s a truely sad, when you say good-bye to people, whom you never thought would leave your life. But, that is inevitable. The only thing you can hope, is that just like before that person would walk into your life again. Or atleast another chance meeting somewhere least expected.

However, the finite possibility of not seeing that person again in the rest of your life is the scariest idea that comes to my mind. What if…??

Well… such is life. Love it, hate it.. you have to accept it.


4 comments so far

  1. yourattentionplease on

    someone wise once said…”The only thing permanent is change”

  2. NTT on

    Indeed… But I just can’t seem to accept change as easily.. Sigh

  3. sweska on

    that’s why you make an effort to keep in touch… so that when we say good bye, we know we’ll still meet somehow somewhere in future again.

  4. NTT on

    Yup that’s true! Always hope for that! But sometimes it’s not feasible to meet people again. Either because they migrated or you migrated. So you hope that you’ll just bump into them somewhere sometime, absolutely unexpected.

    But then, that has happened before!! So maybe it will happen again!!

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