Food.. Glorious Food!

I know I am just making excuses. But, because mom’s not around, and TheWeed is leaving, past 2 weeks have been super sinful. Here is the list of all my indulgences during this week and the last, including some from the near-future….

1. Carl’s Jr. (And our good friend Carl)
2. Subway (Good, cheap, healthy and in NUS!!!)
3. Pasta Mania (Anything for a Spinach Tortellini)
4. Starbucks (Java Chip Frap != Rhumba Frap)
5. Mos Burger (Rice is good…)
6. The Brownie Factory (Almost the ultimate sin)
7. Kebabs at Moto (Why not??)
8. Canadian Pizza (Cheap and good)
9. Home-made Tiramisu (Another adventure ??)
10. Fullerton Chocolate Buffet (The ultimate sin? or an ultimate farewell??)

The last three are to be. Lets hope they go as well as the 1st 7.


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  1. Sandip Mahapatra on

    Bro!!! I wanna know more abt and prob sign up for NUS Toastmaster’s club.. any hints…??

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