WOMAD Singapore 2006

Just 2 weeks left before WOMAD starts…

The list of artists and the timings of all the performances is also out. Check out the WOMAD Singapore Website.

The wesbite is in flash and slow. So to help those with slower internet connections, I have made a pdf of all the performance timings. You can download it here(Sorry I don’t any have webspace currently, so I have to use stuff like this.. :( )

Ofcourse you will have to go back to the website for other stuff like details about the artists and other information.

I should be going on 2 of the 3 days. I have not decided on which two yet though. Friday looks good as they have the Musafir Gypsies of Rajasthan; Saturday starts with Stevie Goldsmith’s performance; Sunday is the Finale. :S

Who else is going for WOMAD?? Leave a comment..:p


2 comments so far

  1. *ramya* on

    Sounds pretty good! but expensive for 3 days! 83 bucks.. i just checked!

  2. NTT on

    $83 for 3 days is not bad lah!. I mean comapred to stuff like the Russell Peters show, its cheap.

    And it’s for 3 days, from 6pm till like 4am (if you stay that long lah). It’s some great music, and location is amazing and atmosphere becomes really nice later in the eveing. I think it’s totally worth it…

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