Somebody is gonna get-a-hurt….. reeeal bad..

It’s Official!!!

Russell Peters

Russell Peters is coming to Singapore. And he is going to do 3 shows here on 6th and 7th of Oct. Check out his website.

The tickets are available at sistic. The most surprising thing is that 2/3 of his shows were already sold out when I last checked!! And the tickets are like $100-$85!!

Sigh too expensive for me… :( Unless someone wants to buy me a ticket…. :P


2 comments so far

  1. Vinit on

    dont feel too bad, if you have seen any one of his shows. A lot of his jokes are repeats or too similar to other jokes, so the second show u see wil probably be just as half good as the first one (or maybe I was just unlucky :) )

  2. NTT on

    Hmm. I have only seen the videos that have been going around the net. But its true that his jokes seem similar in those.

    I hope someone puts videos of this one on youtube…:)

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