A Camera and the irony of life…

Life has always been very ironic for me. Screwing my every plan and ambition. And it happens again..

I quote myself, “I have decided not to replace it. At least for the next few months. I don’t plan to go on any trips, I am low on savings and I will be pretty busy once I get a job..

Hehe, I just had to say that, and now suddenly there are 2 possibilities of ‘trips’ in the next 2 months. And I really should have a camera for those.

So now I am back shopping for a camera.. Nothing too expensive and big though. Like I said before, I suck at photography and I can’t be bothered..:p

Any recomendations? My friend was recomending the Canon A430..


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  1. sweska on

    hehehhe…cool! see i was telling u to buy one just yesterday!! now u have to!!
    ok u know how gong gong i am with camera features… i know nothing… all jargons to me… but let me suggest a couple of sites for camera reviews + comparisons:

  2. NTT on

    See… thats my life..

    Thanks for the links. There is also Steve’s Digicams.

    Sigh… I dun wanna spend on a camera now!!.. But what to do.. no choice..

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