Drama Shama

Now don’t pull an “Ajit-jijaji” and ask me ‘Hi Shama kon??

Anyway, not many people know but I am taking part in a Natak (Drama). For those about to faint, read this through first.

So every year Maharashtra Mandal Singapore (read: cultural association of all Marathi people in Singapore), organises a Marathi Natak. Since my parents have had great links with Maharashtra Mandal, I have been involved in the Natak for many years.

For those who know me better, you’d know that I won’t be acting in the Natak. Hehe. Not my kind of work. Though I have done it before. Twice. Once as a salesboy and once as a servent-boy. Both when I was much younger.. (ya Duh!!)

Anyway, since I was never good at the artsy side of Dramas, I have always been asked to do the more techy stuff. And for the last 2-3 Nataks, I have been the sound guy! Hehe what else?

So I coordinate the various music peices and sound effects needed in the natak as well as sit at the console and mix the various sources during the Natak. Have to agree it’s really fun to play with the mixers. They have always fascinated me.

But anyway, I have been going to these Natak-practices every weekend and a few weekdays since I came back. I have had to travel all over Singapore, with my own set of speakers (quite crappy ones) and CD/MD players for the practices. It’s fun but really tiring, especially on the weekends..

Only one more week and it will all be over. The Natak is on Sunday 31st at Grassroots Club Auditorium, somewhere at AMK-YCK there, at 1800hrs. Though I doubt anybody reading this might be interested in attending, if you are interested, please contact me somehow. Or at least leave a comment..


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