Of all things Visual..

I have said this many time, and I say it again. I am NOT a visual person. More precisely, I can’t be bothered with the visual side of most things. Not that I have total apathy to it, I just feel that there are other things more important than the visual aspect. (And by that I mean the audio aspect..:p)

Anyway, so this post is about all things visual.


I was never a photographer. My brother always makes fun of my photos and I never had the patience to take artistic shot. I also don’t have the ‘eye’ for photography. Thus, my photos are generally informational, or just symbological for myself. More for my own memory or muse. Point being, I never owned a great camera. I had a Canon Poweshot A310. It was cheap, simple and did what I wanted it to do. Sadly, it decided to die on me. So now I am camera-less.

I have decided not to replace it. At least for the next few months. I don’t plan to go on any trips, I am low on savings and I will be pretty busy once I get a job.. (speaking about that….). So I shall refrain from photography untill futher notice.


Since I was introduced to flickr a few months ago, I have become a fan. Its the easiest way to get a shot of inferiority-complex. All I can say is people are good.. and people are free!!

I use flickr as more of a sharing tool. So I will upload all the photos, that I should be sharing (Pune, Marriage, Convocation….et al)to my flickr. Go check it out here. Add me as a friend and then you will be able to see most of my photos.:p


My printer, Canon i550, died as well. Well the head is dead, which costs like 90% of whole thing. I will probably get a new one. I am looking at the Canon iP1200. Seems like a cheap, small and good printer. I don’t need to print photos and all. Just a simple printer to get my documents and stuff printed. And for my mom for her notes and all.

So much for the visual stuff.. Ligths off..:p


3 comments so far

  1. sweska on

    “So I shall refrain from photography untill futher notice.”
    But we can just shoot anything… everyday life stuff… your new job pics would be great… say a close-up intricate shot of some electronic mecahnical parts!

    Flickr has some awesome rss feeds on your contacts’ photos… add some of the great flickr users in your contacts for more inspiration and dude “people are free”… hahhaha!! izzit?? :D

    • Joni on

      I will be putting this danizlzg insight to good use in no time.

  2. NTT on

    Hmm.. I agree.. But I am lazy to bring my camera around all the time. Somemore ah.. I think my A310 died cos I used to bring it everywhere….:$..

    What new job?? :p

    And yes.. people are free… Not really free… More like ‘buy one get one free’…:p

    I should have said people have a lot of free time…

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