One for CPE

I attended my Commencement on Thursday. Commencement is NUS term for convocation. As I expected, it was long and boring. But luckily, I was kept entertained by The Witchdoctor, of course, at the expense of others.. :p.

Anyway, I also enjoyed the time before and after the ceremony as I had expected too. I got to meet the who’s who of CPE (Computer Engineering). And that brings me to the topic of the day. CPE. It is surprising to many people, including myself that I did not want to study CPE when I 1st entered NUS. As a matter of fact, I had applied for Chemical Engineering. But my A-level results were not great enough to get me into that, so I reluctantly accepted CPE.

And today, I am very happy that I did. Two reasons. 1. I fell in love with the technology. 2. The people that were studying with me.

I was always attracted to technology. Thanks to being in CPE, I had so much contact with great technology. Technology changed from an attraction to an addiction. And now technology is an absolute must for me.

CPE has always been special when it comes to the people in the course. I guess it was the design to get the only brightest mind into the course (As to how I ended up in it is still a mystery to me) . But studying and hanging out with such people was a great experience. The drive in them to study and learn was amazing. It was also a great source of motivation and a challenge for me to study with them. And they were not all nerds, contrary to popular belief. There were some really great people, whom I shall respect all my life.

There were all kinds of people in CPE; the super programmers, the super ON, the typical dorm livers, the cool techies, the weird designers, the quiet 1st classers, the talkative idiots, the perfect dudes, the groupies, the local foreigners etc. All of them made it a really wonderful experience.

So to all the CPE-2006 batch out there, Thanks for sharing 4 wonderful years of fun, learning and coding :p. Good Luck and keep having fun!


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