Can’t you do something more creative?

I am absolutely shocked by the developement in Mumbai. Though I never actually lived in Mumbai, something makes it quite dear to me. Maybe the amount of time I spent there, maybe the number of people I know from there or maybe just that it’s capital of Maharashtra…

What saddens me more are the number of lives lost, all innocent people. Mostly middle-class workers returning from their jobs. Working hard all day, in Mumbai, to earn an honest living for their families. And also that I knew at least one of them.

There is no way to justify killing of such innocent people. What had they specifically done such that they deserved such wrath from the assilants??

This rant can go on forever, but for now all I want so say is, ‘Can’t you do something more creative?’. Instead of spreading destruction, chaos, and disorder, do something better. Create something, organise something good, do something worthwhile.

I don’t understand how there people have so much time to plan and coordinate such thing and I can’t even find time to make minty! Do something creative people, don’t waste your life away… Please..

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  1. sweska on

    yeah yeah creative … “haven’t you heard… idle mind – devil’s workshop” :evil:

  2. NTT on

    Idle mind….Speaking about yourself sweska?? :p

    But you made a point. Idle mind => devil’s workshop. So be creative.. do something.. and make sure your mind is not empty..

    There are so many things to do in this world. So many interesting things to learn and to find out about. So much music to listen to. So many games to play. So many great people to meet. So many places to visit.

    Like even a million lives would not be enough for all. Sigh..

  3. Vinit on

    I wish that would happen.

    The only problem is that they probably think they are being creative and not wasting their lives. Thats the saddest part, they probably think they are doing something worthwile and good :(

  4. NTT on

    I guess that’s true..

    But its oxymoronic, they think they are doing something creative by destroying things…..

    Sigh.. and thus is this world…

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