Wedding 101.

This is a intro course for all the readers on Indian Weddings. For most, inexperienced people (by that I mean those who have not attended an Indian Wedding) I am sure you find Indian weddings very interesting and colourful! So let me try to take you through an Indian Wedding (specifically a Marathi Wedding) from my perspective, taking my cousin’s wedding as an example.


Not all Indian weddings are ‘Arranged’. Arranged as in decided by the parents. And NO…not everyone is promised to someone else by the time they are 8…

Indian weddings can last for many days. There are many ceremonies to be performed, though optional, are performed in most weddings. A typical wedding can last for 3-6 days. My cousin’s lasted for 5 days. There are many different pujas (prayers) and ceremonies to be performed, before and after the wedding and thus they take up so much time..

Weddings are generally held in wedding halls. Many such halls are scattered around the city.


It is also a custom that relatives invited for the wedding, especially from other towns, stay at the residence of the bride/groom. Thus typically in the evening before the wedding, there are around 30-40 people in the house. Which is really fun!

You get to meet all the relatives close and distant. I had so much fun just chatting with all my cousins, uncles and aunties. It was really great when 15-20 people sat in big circles talking, joking and just having fun.

That’s also the time when we get to play all the ‘wedding pranks’. My favourite is the rose+stalk prank! Hehe…:D Oh my poor cousins…

It is also a custom to buy and wear new colourful clothes during the wedding. And the closer you are to the bride/groom in terms of relationship, you have to wear fancier clothes. I ended up wearing 3-4 different sets of Jhabba-Pyjama and formal Suit!! I have to thank my brother for allowing me to borrow so many of his clothes. :D

Colour are important during the wedding. Generally none of the close family members of the bride/groom are to wear black. And the ladies generally wear red/amber/orange saris. The wedding halls are also decorated with colourful flowers and raangoli. Raangoli are designs drawn the floor for decoration purposes using coloured flour.

Now to the most important part. Food!!

Food is the most important. At least for me. You get to.. no no.. you have to eat a crazy amounts of really great food. And for those who think vegetarians can’t have variety, you have to come to one such wedding. Its all vegetarian food during such weddings..

Though we don’t have 5 course meals, there are a lot of dishes served at the same time. And the most important is pakwan. The ‘dessert’. But it’s not served at the end but throughout the meal! And for all the sweet tooth people, its heaven. Here is a summary of what I had during the 5 days..

1. Shri-khand
2. Angur Malai (Rasgulla + Baasundi!) + Gulab Jam + Shri-khand + Modak (dumpling with coconut)+ Karanji (calzone with coconut filling!)
3. Jilbi
4. Aamras (Thick Mango Juice):)
5. Shira

Hmm. And there is also a custom of aagrah. It’s like a host forcefully serves the guests extra food to ensure the guest eats properly and thus be very hospitable. Many times it ends into crazy eating competitions. The one on the day of the wedding was really crazy. Though I can never outdo my brother, I must say it was close…:D

Ahh.. Weddings.. So much fun! Sigh.. 2/4 done. Only 2 cousins left to get married… And now I wonder if I will be able to attend their weddings…..:S


2 comments so far

  1. sweska on

    hahhaha yeah!!! i see similarities with Bengali Weddings too..
    “Many times it ends into crazy eating competitions.”… how come all indian cousins are same!!!

    haha… so when’s your marathi wedding??? :P

  2. NTT on

    Et tu, Brute??

    You too?? Oh man.. I was asked that like 200 million times in the past week. Argh… I will not answer it again…

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