Pretty Pune

I am in Pune now, for those who don’t know. It’s a nice place in Maharashtra, India, where my family comes from. And right now it’s looking pretty. Well..most of it.

Its monsoon season and everything is green, and pretty. The otherwise yellow and dry landscape is now full of green trees. Even the grass has a green-yellowish glow about it. Looks very surreal.

It rains here in light drizzles, seldom heavy showers. The sky is full of clouds, and rarely do I see the sun. But still, it’s not gloomy, but bright and cheerful.

The temperature is also very nice, not too warm or too cool. Just nice…

Ahh.. This is the season to come here! Winter is pleasant, but monsoon is surely the prettiest.. :D


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  1. `shruts on

    Hi! I didn’t know you kept a blog! Nice one too..

    Oh and go to Lonavla / Khandala while you are there. I am sure its really beautiful and romantic there right now, during the monsoons.

    Lovely drizzles, beatuiful landscapes and pretty waterfalls.

    It has been years since I have been there, but your description brought all the great memories back..

  2. NTT on

    Hey! Thanks.. :)

    Sigh. Too late, I am already back in Sg. Maybe next year in July! Why don’t you try to come down as well? Then we can go to Lonavala! Since you say its romantic… :P :P.

    Anyway, Lonavala, Matheran, and Mahabaleshwar.. Ahh the good old memories of those places… :)

  3. `shruts on

    Very Funny! Keep dreaming.

    I might be going there in March next year. Hopefully we can meet in Pune or something. God, it has been like so many years since I last met you.

    Great job with the blog. Keep writing.

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