Vinci Da Code

Alright I finished reading it! I managed to squeeze some time this afternoon while people were having a siesta. I just love the ending. It’s so different. I wanna read it again.. Sigh… No time.. Maybe on my flight back!..:)

Pardon the really crappy joke in the title…I just had to

OK. I know I am slow. But I started reading Da Vince Code today. I wanted to read for the last year, but NUS+VIP+FYP… Anyway, so I started reading it on my flight here (I am in Pune). And its one amazing book! Sweska, you were right.. Its like pringles.. Once you start, you can’t stop…just so much more fun and heathy.

I only stoped when I got that spliting headache…I guess due to the pressurisation of the cabin or something..

I am 2/3rds way done. Now I need to find time in all this buzz to finish it off.. I wanna know what happens in the end!! So addictive…


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