I take that back..

I seriously need to take back my last post. All the software has been acting up since I wrote about it!Sigh.. so here goes the rant…

MS Word 2007.. Crashed a few times in the 2-3hrs I was using it. (I should really really learn LaTeX). It gave me a lot of problems with drawing, especially ungrouping and regrouping.. Also spell check. The feature which I was kinda excited about, ‘save as pdf’ function also have font embedding issues… But then its a beta… so its ok I guess..

Netbeans 5.0. The suckiest part is that you cant edit the freaking GUI once its made. It wont let you edit any part of the obnoxious code that it writes. Great! So I have to use its form editor to edit the code there. And it only allows that for GUI that was created solely in Netbeans and not edited outside it. Sigh..

Flock.. The blogging tool creates wierd formatting for the html. It has paragraph markups all over the place and span tags around random words, doing nothing in specific. Later, I realised that they were on all words which the spell check utility thought had errors… Which happen to be like 30% of all the words!..

Finally, on a better note…

Windows Media Player 11 beta.. WMP11…I have been using it for a few weeks. Lovely graphical interface. Pulls album art off the web for most of your albums and a lot of new features. Should go really well with Vista.. At least the look and feel is there.. No other issues so far.. and does not take up so much memory..:)

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  1. uzyn on

    I think I tried NetBeans about 3-4 years ago and encountered the same problem. Coudln't edit the already created form. I thought it was only me as I am never a Java programmer. Never actually learnt Java. That time I was helping my friend from other university for his FYP.

    I haven't tried Flock. But I've tried the blogging tool from Performancing, as a Firefox extension. I had the same problem too. The HTML it generated is just horrible.

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