Milo at 430…

Yup its 5am on a Saturday morning. I have no exams, school, work or anything.. But I am up..

Sigh. I kinda skipped dinner yesterday and was too sleepy to think about supper. And now like 3 hours after I slept, I wake up with crazy nightmares in my head.(I dont even wanna go there). So I decided that I was hungry and decided to grab some Milo from the vending machines and a granola bar.

So I went walking around PGP at 430am, in my PJs, half-asleep looking for Milo. And NO freaking vending machines in PGP have any freaking drinks left in them.. And I mean NONE. I walked around for 30mins looking for some drink and returned empty handed.

What does a man have to do here to get a Milo??


5 comments so far

  1. uzyn on

    so you’ve moved to wordpress.

  2. NTT on

    Not really. Just keeping a parallel blog… Testing out which one I prefer…

    Btw how did u find this blog???

  3. sweska on

    "What does a man have to do here to get a Milo?? "


  4. NTT on

    Yea.. What a way to end my stay in PGP… Will remember that morning for a long time…

  5. Dips on

    Wahahha… happened to me once.. but tt was during exam time!!!

    That was Oreos!!!

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