Blog-hopping as always, I found a friend mention that she wished "there was some kind of pill I could take to give me immunity from ever falling sick."

I was thinking.. what other pills would I wanna have….

1.Pill to fall asleep immediately. For those sleepless nights/days

2.Pill to not fall asleep. That doesn't taste horrible like coffee.

3.Pill to focus. Less extreme way to control my gameplay and/or internet time.

4.Pill for hyperactivity. Alternative to an expresso shot. Usefull when I need that extra punch while coding..

5.Pill for motivation. Tons needed before boring exams.. Like now!!

6.Pill to be creative. Ah this one… I really need.

7.Pills for food. Who am I kidding?

8.Pills for exercise. That's my conscience speaking..

9.Pill to force one's behaviour and feelings on thought.. Sigh..

If only..


6 comments so far

  1. Vicadin on

    a pill to get drunk as fast as you swallow it

  2. NTT on

    Don't they have those already??

  3. Dips on

    Pill to become an A Grade Mugger…??!!!!

  4. NTT on


    Wont work all the way lah. At lvl4000 courses u have like 1000 page texts with abstract things all over. U try mugging that.. Will die one lah..

  5. Jeanie on

    I wonder how your liver is taking this…? Haha.

  6. NTT on

    No worries.. I surely wont fall sick.. Cos I have a pill against that…:p

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