And so it ends..

Just realised that today was the last day of school for me! Tomorrow’s Good Friday and next week is reading week.

And so it ends…. It was the best four years of my life so far.. Learnt so much, got to know so many people, so many things. Feel that I really grew in NUS, in a way.

Parting is painful…sigh.. Gonna miss NUS…


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  1. Ridz on

    heya…guess what..millenia starbucks has stopped selling Rhumba frap!

    It's such an interesting feeling to drink it one day and find it gone the next…

  2. NTT on


  3. Jeanie on

    That's why NUS calls the graduation ceremony, the 'commencement' ceremony. It's the commencement of a new part of your life.

    It also commences a new perspective for you as you look back or even re-visit that old campus in which you studied or lived in.

    It's not all over with NUS anyway. You can still come back for NUSTM sessions or for other reasons and perhaps even further your studies here one day!

  4. NTT on

    Thats a good thought…:p

    It's funny.. its not so much the place that I'll miss. But the people..

    Of course I'll come back.. probably not for further studies.. but for NUSTM!!

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