FYP Blues.. and Greens…

‘Tis done..

Just finished the graded part of my FYP today. What a ride!! Its rightfully 12MCs… Trust me!

First, let me thank sweska, jazz and TheWeed for actually coming down to my presentation. Especially TheWeed, I know u were really sleep deprived.. appreciated man!

For those who missed it…..an image of my GUI!!

I was thinking of bloging abt FYP before… and not in a positive way.. But I realised that I got to learn a lot… And not only about academic matters but life in general…

Positive thinking.
Was complaining about the 30mins limit on my presentation when my supervisor snapped back, “I have an hour to explain 6 years of PhD level research“. Things can always be worst off… Just be happy with what you have..

Haven’t had a game on my laptop since start of last sem… Life is all about sacrifice, just be sure of what you want to keep and what you want to sacrifice.

If not for this…I would have never been able to clean the 100++ bugs I found in my code… Last one found and cleaned 10hrs before presentation..

Passion will take you through everything, good, bad and ugly. You just need to find your passion. Its not easy, I am not sure I have found mine…but try..

Time management.
OK. This one I learnt the hard way. Supervisor had once said, “Don’t leave everything for the last month ah“. I was like, “Of course I won’t!“. Who was I kidding??

Anyway, FYP is not done yet, still have another draft to do, and a HUGE amount of code to clean-up, debug and document… Sigh.. back to work…

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