FYP Presentation!!


Like I said, all are welcome to attend the presentation. ECE has confirmed that the lab will be open that day from 9am onwards, and there will be few more presentations before mine. You can catch them also.

As for my presentation, I have a little advice.. Come with an open mind, have lots of imagination, and most importantly, ask questions!!

The time has come. FYP CA4 presentation is gonna be on 11th April. This is THE presentation for FYP. Worth 30% of the grade!

Here are the details..

Date: 11 April, 2006.
Venue: Interactive & Digital Media Lab, E4-06-21, NUS.
Time: 10:30am

Here is an abstract of what my project was about. Take a look and see if it interests you. And come down to hear more about the project!! Its open to all and all are invited!!


6 comments so far

  1. Dips on

    Good luck in advance bro!!!! =)

  2. sweska on

    hey we go support you! Give your BEST SHOT!!!

  3. NTT on


    Thanks Bro.. :p


    Thanks for dropping by and supporting!! Btw what did u think of it??

  4. sweska on

    we enjoyed the funny sound the GUI made The rest were alien….my my r we in EE?? kidding…well done!

  5. sweska on

    but we don't understand…that wasn't the final one right?? i mean how can only ONE person who doesn't even look like a prof grade you all alone?!?!
    we were expecting 5/6 profs…blah blah

  6. NTT on


    Steven Zhou looks like a student, but he's indeed very young..

    I had a presentation in front of 2 (not so young) profs + 1 phd student yesterday… does that count??? But anyway, this was THE final… FYP is 'done'!! :P

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