How not to be techie….

Update: Just found out that the author of the article is my junior!! I mean he/she is taking the same course as me, but an year junior to me. OMG. Please, you are a CPE3 student. You should do better than that!

I know I have promised to run a series of posts on NUS, but I think I’ll not do it continuously. But, they are in the pipeline, just hope there is no hazard….:pSo, this is what happens when non-techy or not so techy people try to act techy…

I was reading the latest issue of The Ridge. It’s a student publication by the NUSSU. I must agree that the magazine has improved a lot. Though, they have a lot of articles on sensational issues, and many publications with very cheeky language usage. It’s a refreshing read, within the textbooks, APIs and the papers.

Anyway, so this is what I read in one of the articles talking about 3G technologies. And I quote,

Kbps refers to 1000 bits per second and to put into perspective, under a speed of 384Kbps, it will take approximately 12 seconds to download a 4MB mp3 song.

So this person thinks he/she can use numbers and make the article sound sooo cool. But its wrong!! Do your math people. At 384Kbps in 12 seconds, you get 4608Mb. Which is like 576KB. Thats just an 8th of the file. The problem is that people dont seem to realise the difference between the big ‘B’ (stands for Bytes)and the small ‘b’ (stands for bits).

But then again, who else would care about these things. I mean 12s or 96s, not much different what. Its just fast….

Sigh… people…


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