Teacher Wanted!!

OK. I think, I have contemplated on this long enough. I need a teacher! I want someone to teach me music. Specifically, I want someone to teach me about ‘Western Classical Music’. But, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to learn the Piano, or the Guitar. I want to learn music. I don’t mind if I am taught using a Piano, or the Guitar. But, I don’t want to learn the fingerings and the techniques for either.

All this started, when I was making the MIDI for one of my courses last sem. I had to compose a MIDI lasting for a minute. I ‘made’ a tune based on Raag Miya-Malhar. Check it out here…:P But it lacks something. I realised that, it was the Harmony. Thanks to the lack of my knowledge of cords and other harmonic devices, my composition, if you call it that, was very bland. I tried to put some in. But it still sucks. That was when I realised that I needed to know more of these things.

But, I kept on contemplating. I had tried to learn Piano, when I was younger, but had a difficult time trying to read the score and play at the same time. Further, I also had problems controlling my left hand. I then discontinued because of other reasons. Anyway, so I don’t want to learn the Piano, or the Guitar, because it will take a lot of time (a whole lot more for stupid old me..) before I’ll come to the stage where I can learn about composition and stuff…

The other day, I was tinkering around with a sequencer, pd and my old keyboard synth when I sort of made a MIDI of an old melody. I won’t upload it cos it really sucks. But, that’s when I realised that I need to learn music, so I could make something more appealing more satisfying..

So..I want to learn about harmony and the various devices used to create it. I want to learn about musical structures and their uses. Cords and progressions. Styles of music and their basis. Various composers and their styles and specialities.

Anyone willing to teach me all that?? Leave a message on the Tag board..


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