I remember when I was in secondary school, my form teacher came into the class one day and gave us a long lecture on how fragile life is, and how we should cherish it. At that time I was just happy that she did not give us any homework that day. Didn’t really care what she was saying.. But for some reasons it stuck in my mind…

Over this weekend I realised the truth in what she said. It is true, life is really fragile. You never know when it will end, and where! Not that I am afraid of a life ending, I am just afraid, that it would be an incomplete life. When one regrets not having done something before the end.

This is kinda what my teacher said too, “You should never hold back your kind feelings for any person, cos you never know you may be able to express them later. You should put off a good dead, lest you never get to complete it. And you should never wait to appologise, else you may never get a chance to.”

Every beginning has an end. Something that no one can run from. One should strive to live a life such that when the end comes, he/she should not wish it had not.


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