I give up…

This is freaking annoying. I absolutely hate stuff like this. I have been doing this stupid lab for one of my courses for the past week, and it doesn’t want to work. Not that it is very important, just 5% of a final grade that I don’t really care for. But it doesn’t work!!! Ahhh

Theoretically, it is supposed to work. I tested all the individual components, and they seem to work. I even tried to model it and simulated the model. It give perfect results. But, when I implement it on the freaking hardware platform, it does not want to work.

Whats worst is that the problem, that I get is because of bouncing in push buttons. Something that we learnt to deal with in 2nd year courses.I know a sure shot solution to it, but I can’t use it here. Damn it. For the 1st time in my life, I actually feel the need to use analogue electronics over digital. How I love RC ciruits!!

I don’t wanna give up. I want to nail this one. but it leaves me no choice…:'( Wasted too much time on this stupid SodaMachine… FYP and 2 projects still to do…



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