Nihira Joshi…

Update.. Just read that Nihira is gonna sing for either Ismail Darbar and/or AR Rahman (yes… the man himself) in the movie Baajirao Mastani. Seems that both of them are directing the music for the movie… I can’t wait to hear Nihira and Rahman!!

This is sort of the continuation of my previous post about Reality TV. Well, more about one reality show and a specific participant. I have been thinking about posting something about her, but never got down to do it.Nihira Joshi was one of the participants of SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2006. ‘Was’ since she got voted out a few weeks ago. Now I won’t go on about how she was the best and should have won and stuff.

That has already been done a lot on the India Forums. But personally I felt, as a singer, she is really great. All throughout the competition, she sang without going out of tune/note (besur). Well, almost. I remember her going a little besur just once. Her voice is clear and sweet. And most importantly does not waver. That may not be really useful in certain types of music (like arabic music where u need that fluctuation), but more often than not it sounds great.

That’s her…. (Photo from

Personally, I loved her courage. Not only did she take on some really difficult songs, but also took on the most difficult parts of the songs. Let me exemplify, I remember when she sang the song Chalka Chalka from the movie Saathiya, I was thinking, “she can take the easy stanza/verse/kadva or the difficult one, the one with Richa Sharma’s vocals. If she takes the difficult one, god bless her.” Too my surprise, she took the difficult one and rendered it, making it look sooo simple.

I got this clip of her singing Kehna Hi Kya from the movie Bombay. This was recorded off TV by another fan of the show. For that reason the quality is not great. Also there seems to be some distortion towards the end of the clip. I personally think that that aalap that she sings is amazing. In the original song, it is sung by AR Rahman himself and that too really beautifully. I feel that Nihira has done justice to that song. Here is the clip


I don’t care if she lost in the SaReGaMaPa Challenge2006. She is just 17!! and I am very sure we’ll hear here again. Actually, she has already ‘sang’ (If you could call it that) in Bunty Aur Bubbly and supposedly has an album coming up. There is also a rumour that she might be coming to Singapore to perform!!…Can’t wait for that… :p


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