Marché and more temptations….

Went to Marché today…. TheWeed belanjahed us there… :D Thank you dude… It was great…
Though I must say that I dont like Marché. Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast! But, I just don’t like the concept of the restaurant.. All the food on display, is a huge temptation. I am spoilt for choice when I want to get food. I walk around and around…and I can’t decide what I want to get.. Ahhhhhhhh… I hate that feeling…

I have been subjected to many tempations recently…

Sigh… how I wish I could don’t write this #*@^%@# speech for tomorrow and do one (or more) of these things….

But, I will resist.. and I shall wait. In the words of TheWeed, “Wait untill time dilates…”…..


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