My Obsession with Sound.

I am obsessed with sound. Its crazy, everywhere I go, I hear sound. Haha..

Jokes aside, sound is really an amazing thing. Everying from it creation to perception is incredible.

Superfacially, it is very simple and elegant. Sound is vibrations of various frequiencies. It travels as longitudinal waves and is perceived by our ear again as a mixture of frequiencies.

However, if you really look into sound, it’s huge. Acoustics, the science of sound is an emense field of study, has applications in many other disciplines, has been studies for years and still an active research field, and NOT persued in NUS by any of the Departments. That’s sad, for me as well as NUS…..

Anyhow (as Lulu would said…:p), I have decided to start a sound blog. I’ll blog about all the cool things about sound and the related fields… Maybe I should move over to other blogging service like WordPress and use categories… Maybe…. A lot of ‘maybe’s shall remain ‘maybe’ untill 2nd May…


2 comments so far

  1. sweska on

    can u dont everytime copy me?!??!?!?…hehehehhe…move to wordpress….2nd May the date also copy me!…anwyay can u do sth about importing over haloscan comemtns also??….give them feedback..

    and sound blog is PODCAST la!!!!!

  2. NTT on


    I have no originality.. My exam dates also have no originality.. My intrests also have no originality…

    Ahhhhh… I feel like a clone!!!

    As for the sound blog… It is NOT a podcast.. I hope… I want it to be more techinical… The more fun stuff..But then not too techinical, lest ppl dont understand… Lets see how it goes… I actually planned for it for many many days… It was up for more than 2 months I think… Just lazy to post.. as usual..

    And finally, I agree I took some 'inspritation' some of your designs initially… Hehe.. Thanks..:D

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