Cooking…an Art or a Science??

I read this off a friend’s blog a couple of days back….

WHAM!!!!….ok so following instructions and cooking is not cooking…” (hope you don’t mind..)

Really?? So following a recipe from a book or a TV show is not cooking either?? What about making instant noodles or heat-n-eat meals?? Putting toppings on ice-cream before eating it??No??…….. That means I can’t cook !! :'(:'(:'(:'(

That makes me wonder if cooking is an art or a science?? If it is an art then I have valid reasons not to be able to cook…:p. But if it is a science, then I need to find an excuse..

I remember one of my friends, a great cook and a chemical engineer, saying that for him, his kitchen is his second lab. To him every dish he made was an experiment. Many times he would not know what he was making until he made it. Just like some chemist mixing stuff to get something interesting.

But then, he also said that all food has to be artistic. He used to say that for any food to taste good, 1st it has to look good. There is a great effect of the colour of food on the satisfaction of the person who eats it. Colourful food always seems more appetising. So he said.

Popularity of food is very subjective. That makes it artistic. Art is subjective. It’s easy to draw a parallel to music. There are as many types of food as types of music and as many songs/compositions as dishes. There are people who like rock and there are people who like
Mexican food. And some can’t stand rock and some who can’t stomach Mexican food.

What about recipes?? They seem very scientific. It reminds of the chemistry lab reports from secondary school.

Aim: To make great Tiramisu.
Apparatus: Bowls, Spoons, Whisk; Eggs, Cheese, Biscuits, Coffee.
Method: Whisk the eggs; Mix with the cheese; Pour over biscuits dipped in coffee.
Results: Tiramisu.
Discussion: If you want a healthier option, leave out the egg yellow….
Conclusion: This makes great Tiramisu.;)

Sigh… all this discussion of food makes me hungry… I have to stop here for a ‘lunch’ break. But here is some food for thought..

Do you eat to live or do you live to eat??

Frankly?? Think about it…


2 comments so far

  1. sweska on

    haha this is funny!….

    ok i emant that after following the instructions i wont be able to do it all on my own later :)

  2. NTT on

    Well… At least now you have 1 dish you can do by your own…. It’s a start…

    I hope you learn more dishes and blog them… More receipe’s for me to try out…. :P

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