The flight back….

It’s really great to be back!!

The best part is the way I came back. OK, except for the fact that I almost did not have a New Years Countdown. I had to fly on 31st Dec so I missed the celebrations. And since I flew west, I was afraid I would reach the dateline before 12 midnight and thus miss it. Luckily the route took us north and we were near Anchorage when ‘clock struck twelve o o’.

Anyway, the cool thing was my flight back. I was booked to fly the normal flight with a stop-over at Taipei. But, we went to the airport early and tried to get the non-stop flight to Singapore. We had to wait for 2 hours, but in the end we got it!

So I flew 18hrs non-stop in a really nice A340-500. It was very comfortable. Great leg room, better than the 777s. Good food, and by that I mean Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream!. Great service, including a self-service food counter for that midnight snack that you always crave for. They even had Champagne before the dinner.

And they had Ethernet and power connections on every seat!! I should have had my laptop with me. But anyway, I managed to catch some sleep on the flight, that’s new. Overall the flight was not as tiring as I would expect an 18 hrs flight. Plus, I saved like 5 hours on travel time.

So, if you ever get a chance, try it out. It’s really a great experience. I would surely like to fly it again, and next time I would surely bring long my laptop. Imagine playing WC3 at 36000 feet!!..;)


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