Holidays……Boon or Bane????

I never figure out whether I like holidays or hate them!!

I mean its all nice to be free and stuff, but its soooo boring. I mean you do all the standard holiday activities for like a week or two…and then what??? Holidays are boring….

Whats worst is this holidays that I am havings. It’s not boring but it is driving me crazy. For once, I have planned a trip to go overseas during the holidays with my family. Now, this will drive some people crazy with jealousy, but I am not feeling anything closed to satisfaction or content or for that matter happiness.

On the other hand I am feeling very conscious of the fact that I am leaving my undone FYP behind to ‘waste time‘. There is a lot of work to be done and there are important deadlines in January. Sigh….

But I can’t cancel the trip because its gonna be wonderful(I get to meet many cousins, aunts and uncles and old friends) and also cos I have already paid for it….

Now, I wish that the holidays ceased to exit and we could work all year round…

OK. Blast me all you want, but this is how I feel……


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