Outside my window….

I hate this weather….

I look outside my window and its soo dark and dreary. Reminds me of the start of winter when I was in Denmark.

It was dark….cold…..and wet!…Still sends shivers down my spine….I remember that I did not see the Sun for like 3 weeks straight. The Sun was not supposed to rise by 10am and was supposed to set at like 3pm. But most of the time it was overcast and the Sun couldnt peer through at all…

It was soooo depressing. I couldnt go out, it was getting really cold and I couldn’t even look out of my window to waste time (It was just too depressing). Whats worst was my laptop had died on me and I was w/o a computer the whole time…..

I couldn’t believe that weather could affect the mood (or the sanity)of a person so much. But, when I was there I could understand why the sucide rates in the Scandinavian countries sky-rocket in winter.

I have a photo of that dark and dreary sky somewhere….I’ll post it up when I find it…

I hope I can see the sun later today…..or tomorrow.. Good old Sun…..


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