Down the memory lane….

Update : Found the lyrics for Mile Sur Mera Tumhara… So now you can sing along in ALL the languages too!!!

I should try to learn that, then I can say at least one phrase in each of the languages.

I was surfing around when I bumped into these. Stuff that used to be on TV when I was in India. This is pure Nostalgia….

Really brought back many many memories. The TV shows that I used to watch. They had this one called “Giant Robot”. Found out that it was actually called “Johnny Sokko and his Amazing Flying Robot!”. Found some description and pics here

Then there was “The Jungle Book” dubbed in Hindi. The best part was the title song. It went something like, “Chaddi pahen ke phool khila hai phool khila hai” Rough translation is, “A shorts wearing flower has bloomed “… :S:S. Cant seem to find much about it. The names of the characters were changed though. Some of them were hillarious.

And then there were these animations. They were like PSAs but just look at the quality of animation. Just soo cool that one can still find them still. This one: Ek, Anek and Ekta was very pupolar…

Who can forget the songs about multicultural unity. It was so fun to hear all the various languages from India, see all the famous people on TV. I’d wait untill they sang in Marathi and get really excited. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get the videos. If anyone has them, please contact me. Would really like to see them again….

I found Mile Sur Mera Tumhara and Baje Sargam originals on mp3s though. Thanks to the guys at “Rtp Desis“..

And finally, this hillarious remake of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara by people from MIT. Its awesome. Man ….do these people ever work??

And by students of UTA….this one is cooler…I think…



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