Of Really Sucky Days…..

Not the worst day….but quite close to it.

*I had slept late and unsatisfied….unable to get any leads on the archi project…..

*Went to have Dosa for breakfast at engin…..Sold Out…..

*My name was called by one prof. and my test results read out to the whole lecture….:$..paiseh lah..

*The freaking bus had to come just then……It’s fate I tell U…..

*My favourite headphone muffs decided to die on me today…..

*Found out that I will have to share my Linux machine at I2R with my friend….

*Waited for ISB back from I2R for like 15mins

*Worked on RT for like 6hrs with no result…..stupid RTAI

I hate these days….nothing goes right….

Another unsatisfied nite…


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