ECE Professors….

Today, I am NOT going to bitch about the professors from ECE. I think we have had enough of that. Instead, I am going to praise them today! (OMG!! Is that even possible??).

By the grace of god, our department is blessed with a few souls whom I respect with all my heart. How I wish we had more of them….

One of these, is my professor for my EE4**** module from “Communications” concentration. His aim for the course is not to finish the syllabus and satisfy the department guidelines.

He genuinely wants us to learn.(Isn’t that unbelievable??) To ease our pressure and to allow us to understand the subject, he cut down the syllabus vigiorouly (and I mean like by 50%).

Not only that, he explains things again and again when we don’t get them. For that course, we only get like 10% of the things after the 1st pass. So, that is a great benefit. How I wish some other profs. did that…

Finally, this is what happened today….

*I was having dinner with a friend when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

*I turn around to see my prof!!!

*Uhh…I blurt out a ‘Hi’! (Not very polite I say to myslef)

*He starts asking me how I was faring me with the module and all.

*I am soo lost for words. I mean I am so not used to talking casually with profs. (Reminds me of the time when I was in Denmark. There you have to address the profs. by their 1st name. Took me like a whole month to get used to that.)

*So anyway, the prof. asks me about the last chapter that we studies in the lecture and how I felt about it(It was a tough one).

*Then he asks if he should revise it with the class so that we can understand it better.

*I try to give some “pollitically correct” answers. Utterly confused I somehow manage to end the conversation…..

Sigh what a ride!!!

Whats worst, is that prof. thinks I am really good at this module, since I ask him a lot of ‘good’ qns and I managed to finish the test in like 1/2 the given time.

Well….here is the truth revealed for you….

1. I hang out this dude who is really good in mathematics and all. He always asks ‘good’ qns. Not me…I just tag along….
2. I blanked out around 1/2 the time through the test….Thus, I stopped writing….I had not finished. I was not even finished in the end…:(

Anyway….Kudos to you Sir….. You shall be my vote for the best prof. this sem….


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