Of Morons and Reservations…

I never understand some people. And NO, I am not talking about politicians or that new lecturer in your lvl 3000 class .

I am talking about people who do moronic things and instead of just stopping there…do they advertise their moronic actions….. Let me exemplify what I mean.

I saw this a couple of days ago on the door of my dorm’s (PGP) common “Reading Room”.


I mean how stupid can anyone get??? And even if you do something stupid, you dont have to tell the whole world about it….

From the dawn of time there have been notices warning residents not to leave their belongings and especially books in the reading rooms. But, every semester, especially nearer to the exams ALL the tables in ALL the Reading Rooms in my dorm are ‘reserved’ by people leaving their books on them.

Not that I ever study in these Reading Rooms, but I find this action very annoying. Its not fair for anyone who does not find an empty table on the 1st day. He’d probably not find one ever again.

Once…..me and my friend were contemplating on switching the books on different tables just to irritate those who had ‘reserved’ the tables… The Reading Room was totally empty with around 30 books on the 10+ tables. Would have been a nice mix and match game huh???

What’s funny is that small scribble, at the bottom right corner, on the paper.

“I promise not to pursue this issue any further upon return”

So do I…my dear friend….so do I….

Speaking about reservations…did you notice how people ‘reserve’ seats in canteens. And I emphasise, HOW?? I don’t want to talk abt whether one should reserve seats at all. Thats a touchy topic.

But, I have noticed people ‘reserving’ seats in canteens with tissue paper packet. That is ridiculous. If that’s not bad enuff, I have seen a table in the Arts Canteen reserved by a wallet and a mobile phone!!!!(I am not lying…I have a witness. )

And I am just lost for words…..


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